There is only one sanity... it's quite simple. Anything that pushes against that wants a form of in

There is only one sanity... it's quite simple. Anything that pushes against that wants a form of in

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Living on a clock, or TIMES SQUARE, on FLAT EARTH


Welcome to the land of SET TIME, or the TEMPLE of SET.

Is Times Square ❌◼ or the CENTRAL MAGNETIC SQUARE, as represented at Time’s Square New York, a depiction of the North POLE? Does TEMP EL, or just L, for the four corners (of the earth) made by the central dial and hand’s on a clock face?

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Does the sun circle the square, called SQUARING the CIRCLE in Freemasonry? Those red cross  masonic TEMPLARS invented and changed 'time' as we know it (throwing in July and August, just like that!). They've certainly made sure to build clocks in every town square A CROSS the PLANE to re-mind us that we're 'doing time' and serving a life SENTENCE of 'spells' (a period of time). Have the 'INNER circle' been upping the TEMP O?

What can we NOT SEE?

We have TIMES SQUARE, TIANANMEN SQUARE and TRAFALGAR SQUARE but where and what is TS or TIMES SQUARE, , or ๅ ?

The ST or SAINT is TS in re verse.

TS or TIME and S-PACE creates our 2D reality into a 3reality.


The North Pole seasonal ๅ CLOCK or WIND MILL

Does the NORTH POLE EMITS our TIMES? The word TIME spells EMIT in reverse. The SAINT is SANTASANTOS, SATAN, SATURN or SANTANASSANTA gives us our PRESENTS at X-MAS wrapped in a BOX or Saturn CUBE. It's TIED up too with an infinity bow at X-MAS. PRESENT is an anagram of SERPENT. SATAN or SANTA is the serpent and is also known as FATHER TIMETime that TURNS and wraps around like a snake eating its own TAIL? In a SATURN RING or circle.


YORKshire (old ‘new’ YORK) and the TEMPle of the Four Winds

Old flat earth map showing the four ๐Ÿ’จ corners.
Those aren't 4 ANGELS, they're 4 ANGLES in the shape of an L...

Simon TEMPLAR or TEMP LIAR was the character in the series called The Saint  (another code for SATAN) and TEMP means TIME. What sort of SPELL are we under? A spell can mean a period of time. Is time a serpent's TALE of PRE-SENT time? A spell is A BOUT of time - like a magic round ABOUT perhaps? The SATURN CUBE is the Roman god of time worship. Freemasonic CORNERSTONES include SQUARE TIME CAPSULES placed on SIGHT at the time a particular building is built. Saturn is also known as EL or L and we are SAT-ON it.

BEAUREGARD or BOW REGARD (regard as in to see and RE-

The time capsule above was laid for the Parish COURT House. A COURT is square, like a COURTYARD and we use the phrase being CAUGHT in the 'NICK' (Santa or Satan) of TIME, don't we? So, is time created by SAINT NICHOLAS, or the capricious HORNED GOAT, as Christmas time is celebrated in the sign of CAPRICORN of the same meaning. This stone slab is laid by 33 degree Freemasons and CORN is placed on the SITE at each ritual. Just like the CORN EARS circling the UN's flat earth map.


Are we living on the TEMPLE of SET, as in a theatre set even? As Shakespeare said "All the world's a stage...". Is it possible that those that know this secret have created the illusion of time with fake ancient temples, pyramids and megaliths? It is beginning to appear more evident that this could very well be the case here. To REGARD is also to WATCH or to see again. When we can see clearly we have 'clocked' something and are therefore a SEER. Are the Freemasonic RABBIS the, so called, WATCHERS? Are they the Nazi SS SWISS ✖ watch makers and bankers who keep us ROLLING forward and TIED to time by their 'cuckoo' clock SWIZZ time system? TIME or TIE ME is money, as they say.

ROLE X watches SS headquarters

CODE READ, as they say.


No wonder rich HEIRS call themselves MILL-ION-AIRES. If this is the case, it means that they can predict and FORECAST, or 4 CAST (as in magic spells and/or a period of time), events round the clock, year after year because we're on a TEMPLATE, or a TEMP PLATE of clockwork precision with the 4 quarter angles of the clock hands making the shape of an at 3, 6, 9 and midnight. We were to we must be as WISE as the SERPENTS.  


SQUARING the CIRCLE of time means being CLOCK WISE.

Nice TIE 

Together they make the sign of the cross + or , the HEX, or X, the TIMES sign, 4 CORNERS and this ๅThe Ls or ELs being the name for SATAN. Well, our FOREFATHERS did tell us that HIS STORY repeats itself on the "WHEEL of 4 TUNE". TIME after TIME from the 4 CORNERS of the WHIRLED

The Magician's BOX


The infinity BOW of the TORA or TAROT

ROTA is an anagram of TORA or the TORAH and C-LOCK-WORK means working around the clock. We're always LOCKED or TIED to time and, just like the RABBI in Alice and Wonderland, we constantly have to make DEADLINES and worry A BOUT being
 "late, late for a very important date, no time to say hello, goodbye... we're late, we're late, we're late!". London, the financial capital of the world, is situated at MILL BANK in the SQUARE Mile. Here is a 'MILL BANK' with a POLE at the centre of a flat PLANE shown at the London Olympics.

The MILL and the ROTARY wheel or the TORA comes round every...


 With a BOW .

The letter C from C-LOCK-WORK is in the shape of and ARC or a BOW. Of course, it also means to SEE but it also gives us the word SEASONS or C suns. Those in the Noah's ARK, or KNOWERS' ARK, are members of the ancient ๅ $$ Secret Societies, called the ARCHONS, and they would have a whole lot to gain in keeping-up the yearly guaranteed profits and 'prophets' by hiding this truth. A-GAIN and A-GAIN! The 'holey' days are dates 'SET in STONE'. Ding-a-ling for $ANTA! The word SANTA sounds like very much like CENTRE and the bow  symbol is an egg timer on it's side. It's no wonder the profits can 'prophecise'.


INFINITY means IN FINITE, as in a SWORD stuck in masonic STONE. COURT jesters and clowns often wear spinning BOW TIES around their necks. Spinning the infinite  truth via their spell binding WORDS and TONES keeps us LATE, L'ATE, Lon template, or the TEMPLE EIGHT. The letter L is also the 8th letter in the alphabet. The snake that ATE it's own TALE. Time is an ILL-US-ION (here).

The SWORD & the STONE musical BOX with a BOW

It's the 8th day that starts the new WEAK and the pirates or PIR8's BANK HOLEY DAY Monday (money day). If you spin this square ๅ sign round, it also makes a circle, like a HOLE or a RING. Ta da! Magic! Ring, ring, jingle BELLS! HO, HO, HOE for Santa!

The BOW or is 33 when joined together. 

One PIRATE'S eye.

Are we chasing their TALES HEAR on EARTH with our CORN EARS.

G-ROUND zero or O. No time. With RINGS.

Pirates are depicted as having a patch over one eye and G is silent in code, as in the words gnome and gnat.

Gee, how time FLIES when it's driven by a WINDMILLIt's a WIND-UP!

Annual RE-TURNS are collected in THE SPRING by the "fly by knight" TEMPLARS.

G clock 'spring'

The Lords of the FLIES big windy MASONIC secret

33 OCTAVES beaming out from the PIRATE station of the central PYRA MID.

SQUARING the magic CIRCLE of the sun 'DIAL' is what the SS or THE ๅ INNER CIRCLE do best and the swastika is made up of two CROSSED SSsFor now, I will leave you with these self explanatory pictures and a neat little video. Pictures really do tell a thousand words and they're in PLANE SITE for all to C.

The HEXAGON changes into a SQUARE. Have we been 'hexed' in time?

The CENTRAL SQUARE is the base of a PYRA MID.

The PIRATE'S, or PIR8s symbol is the skull and X bone. 

How to draw in 5-Point perspective: TIMES SQUARE New York City below. 

Let us not forget perspective and the fact that we have conical (pyramid), or comical vision ✖ which gives us a weird perception of the shape of things. We have been fooled by our CORN EARS and CORNEAS.

TIME'S UP for the TIME LORDS and the LORDS of the RING.

Code READ a gain! With SERPENT tongue

G WHIZZ! Time FLIES for the 'forked tongue' high flying whizz kid MILLIONAIRE'S, their HEIRS, HAIRS and HARE RABBI bushy TALES.

*   *   *