There is only one sanity... it's quite simple. Anything that pushes against that wants a form of in

There is only one sanity... it's quite simple. Anything that pushes against that wants a form of in

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Is our earth PLANE-✞ flat?

It is not a lack of education that makes one know the earth is flat, it is the excessive indoctrination that makes one think it is not ...

 Born after the WWII?

Then you are very possibly under the SPELL of the Hitler youth 'spaced out, man!' progRAMRAM, as in Random Access Memory. The 'rock and roll' generation called 'Generation X', or sex, were bombarded with acid drops, space dust, flying saucers and nonscienceAll part of a secret military order. It's time for us sleeping beauties to wake up out of the Nazi's gROUNDhog DAZE and realise ... we 'ain't spinning! We've been taken for a 'ride' by those old Nazi dynasty die-nasties who have been on the fiddle since the days of the $umARYANS.  

 Feeling a little spacey during the daily DAZE around the
 clock-a-DIAL rock?  In a TALE spinKNOWS diving?
The word PLANOS means wandering, leading astray (adjective), a DECEIVER, an imposter.  A planet is something or someone with no light.  "Satan/Saturn transformed himself into an angel of light", in order to hide his darkness.  Lucifer, BA'AL or BALL, "The Light Bearer", the great deceiver, has been waving his HOLY wood WAND of trickery upon us.  'His' stories or history of SPELLS and LOGOS have been at work on this 'planet' since the $umARIANS who worship I$I$ or Ishtar or Israel, the monochROME black and white moon.   The CIA and Nasa, set up after WWII, are ISIS and ROME was originally called SATURNALIA.  The ROAMing, WANDering 'star'. Old NASA books show NO swirling 'hexagram' on SATURN (source).

Right now, the 'space' we need to be conCERNed with is the GREY matter between our TEMPLES of  SOLO MOON.  The moon controls our TIME (moonths) and TEMPerament - making us potential temperaMENTAL luna-TICKS in times of crISIS.

NASA'S own document.  Oops! (source)

The 'd'evil's in the deTALES' so they say, and most of us won't read or have access to the details. We must remember there is no such thing as a FACT. There is only hypothesis, theory and conjecture. Just IFS and probables, based on the observations of a handful of people who do not have our best interests at HEAR.

Do we HEAR or are we still under the SumARIAN Hitler youth programme of "Give them acid drops, spacedust and high-flying sorcerers?"

Do we HEAR via our ear LOBES?  Our G-LOBES?
  G for geo-engineering.

A wise man may change his mind.

A fool never does.


Spinning through space at over 1,000 miles per hour, wobbling and tilted 23.5 degrees on its vertical axis, while orbiting the sun at a blinding 67,000 miles per hour, in concert with the entire solar system spiraling 500,000 miles per hour around the 'Milky Way' and careering across the expanding universe away from the “Big Bang” at an incredible 670,000,000 miles per hour, but that you feel and experience none of it?!

We have been taught that a mysterious force called 'gravity', a magical magnetism responsible for keeping everything from falling or flying off the spinning ball earth is strong enough to hold people, oceans and the atmosphere tightly to the surface, but just weak enough to allow bugs, birds and planes to take off with ease!

40 trillion Miles in just one year, at 450,000 mph, the sun and us with it, travel 4 billion miles! If man has been on this 'planet' as an example, let's say 10,000 years, then we've traveled 40 trillion miles and yet, we see no new stars? Just the same old endlessly repeating constellations?  

FAR OUT, man! 

 Yes, so far out it's unbelievable how

 GULLIBLE we have been.

It's all gone G L O B A L

or is that g l o w b a 'a l?

Er ...

Don't they mean a globule?

A globule which has a FLAT base?


SHEOL (anagram HOLES)the UNDER world.

The 'shadow' govearnment.
 The shady 'holey' ones.

And this?
Not this!
Hold on!
 Nasa are saying the 'globe' is the shape of a pear, an oblate spheroid.  I thought they'd already taken a picture of it?  The one and only 'picture' taken in the 70s.   The same repeated cgi'd, spin doctored picture with blacked out blue screen backdrop.

They can put a Rover (a dog, wink, wink) on Mars but they can't take a decent shot of earth? What nonscience they drum up.  

We need to go back and re-search because the lies run long and deep.  Search anew with your ears and eyes.  

Plane to see, when you're a seer.

Ancient Per-sian clock

Stephen King knows.

The Bible knows ...

The Nazi's know ...

Now we can all be in the Noah's (knower's) Ark with the Archbishops and the Monarchs.

Putting the Y in the eYe.

The cube.

The EE cube for the kidsee, the lambs.

C, see, sea-sons which relates to the
 C-re-sent MOON egg and making
kids for BABYlon.

The egg is called the CORONA radiata.
The zygote, zygoat female egg.

Sperm and zygote symbol.

If the moon, has 0% 'gravity', making the astroNAUGHTS bob up and down, how did they manage to secure their space CRAFT?

How were they able to take such perfect photographic stills with all that bounce?!  Not to mention the high quality voice transmissions received from the actornaughts.  Quite a-MAZE-ng for that time. C-OZ The moon's made of chEEse! A cheesy explanation, I know.

 As in chis - inner chi - 'energy'.

KRAFT comes from witchCRAFT and someone who is CRAFTY is a trickSTAR. Our ancient Sumerian, aryan overlords are bound by cosmic law to tell us the truth ... and they do, via their phoney, Phoenician, EGGyptian SPELLings and symbology.  
Moon was called SIN as in SINGLE.  MONO.
 Sin can also mean sun or son as vowels are interchangeable in Phoenician.
  The old 'sun' sym 'bull'. 

 As in BULLSHIT, wink, wink!
The House of SOLOMON is the North pole mountain or MANSION of the ZION.  Working together with our SOLO MOON.

MAN, MEN, MIN, MON, MUN mean MOON and there's only one 'ROCKETthat can land on a 'moon'. 

The Virgin Mary, BABYlon moon.

Virginity is like a balloon, one PRICK and it's gone.

That's GO SPELL!

Bit like that prick NEPtune with his
 Trident, or try DENT

 NEP is PEN backwards and comes from the word PEN or PIN, as in PENis or PEN ISIS (the moon).

  NEP can be NIP, where the terms 'nipped in the bud'
 and 'little nippers' are derived.

  NEP is an old word meaning, artificial, 
imitation or FAKE as 'fuckery'.

The Guarden of E-DEN


The above symBULL for the chemical ELement
 Neptunium happens to looks like the letter
E for Energy too. 

 E for ELectra and ELectric magnetic energy.

 It's a sperm. A 'seaman', semen, swimming through the seas, water or wattage of MARY, the moon, piercing the egg with his UNDER bolt of ELectricity or LIE TENing 'rod' into the socket, so to speak. 

TEN - the ON button icon or eye con.
 Are you tuned or TURNED ON to 

Lord of the 'UNDER' world?

BEL or EL means Saturn in phoney, FAKE, phoenician, phonetic, fairy, Pharoah, nasty, Nazi, fairy-tale land.

BELL - Saturn's 'rings'.

It seems they knew about the Saturn cube, QB, long before astro-naughts went into space and took pictures. 

 Already depicted in an ancient Roman mosaic and they should know as they were the original Nazis.

With every SEA-son.

urn, earn, saurn.
And ...
"The Isle of Wight lighthouse in England is 180 feet high and can be seen up to 42 miles away, a distance at which modern astronomers say the light should fall 996 feet below line of sight.
The Cape L’Agulhas lighthouse in South Africa is 33 feet high, 238 feet above sea level, and can be seen for over 50 miles. If the world was a globe, this light would fall 1,400 feet below an observer’s line of sight!
The Statue of Liberty in New York stands 326 feet above sea level and on a clear day can be seen as far as 60 miles away. If the Earth was a globe, that would put Lady Liberty at an impossible 2,074 feet below the horizon!"
“The distance at which lights can be seen at sea entirely disposes of the idea that we are living on a huge ball.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny”. 

Think of a magnifying glass using another sun to create warmth and fire.  

"The sun isn't even hot!"  
Eric Dollard.

2.07 mins

Plasma can be created in a microwave.

3:04 mins

Could our 3D reality be created on a flat disk driven by a central pole? 

Much the same way as a computer disk projects 3D images onto a screen. 

 Our convex eyes are our screen. 


What have the Nazi's got to do with NASA?

Er ...

The history of Nazi Nasa.

51.13 mins.

The Professionals,
 professional liars of the lair.

As above, so below.

Could this be the true 'matter' of things?

We live on an electro magnetic plane.

Giving us our/hour ...  

Is this how we get our pre-sence
via the SS North Pole stem/system?


All going to Israel aka I$I$,
 the MOON or Lucifer, as in the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  If you go back you will find that the 'planet' Venus was called Lucifer. 

4 mins.

  The system
-  a rod, a stem from Saturn's pole?  

As shown in the ROMAN tree of life.

Flip the M over and we get ROWAN.

Sirius, known as the sun behind the sun. Brightest star in the sky.


The 'glass ceiling or seal in' - you'll never get past it in business (buseness) unless you're in the Knowers' Ark.

Knower's - Owners.  K is silent.

Oh they do like to reveal truths in their pro-verbs.  What a lark.

A glass ceiling is a political term used to describe "the unseen, yet unbreakable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate (Jacob's) ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements.
It is impossible to create a rainbow without light being passed through glass.

11 mins.

"Let's tell them the earth is a ball and it spins (chuckle). Add some light years, NUMBers and lots and lots of books on the subject. Once subjected to the deceit via schoaling and teLIEvision, we can engineer globule DOME-in-NATION of the plane NET.

DOMEsticate them in the DOMEcile to believe that we can protect them from the zillions of chocolate galaxy, milky way star bars out there.

Make them need us - all alone in space.

  B-ring in players.  The Ringmasters.

How about we say ... it might wobble!
 (unstoppable laughter)

We'll even put the real dome and flat earth behind our NASA, Nazi proper gander pictures ... upside down!" (rolling on the floor with laughter).


What a nice little cash cow NASA is running.  Rockets nose dive at 80,000 ft and drop into the 'no zone' area of the South pacific.  That vast area of sea that planes and boats are navigated away from. 

 Wonder what's really there?

The G8, or G80,000 ft SUMMIT or $$um it.

  RING those cashier BELLS.

  Buy another book about the C-OSMOSis.

The sky's the limit!


A great way to launder tax payers reindeer 'bucks' under the DISguise of 'scientific research' which we have no way of proving is legitimate. 

I don't know, they must have been high or something when they gave us this to suck on. Probably in the Co. of CAIN and A BELL Could even be traces of WHITE House powder, I mean, power on it.

3:08 mins

DIS was the name for the underworld and PLUTO.

 The unseen wall of PLATO's cave.

Nearly all astro-naughts, 0s and zeros, are 33 degree freemasons working for central Ground ZERO or NERO (swap the Z round to make an N).  The land we cannot fly over.

  The North Pole.

The old land of Meru in hyperborea.
  Hyper because it's high on a mountain, like their DISney PICTish, gothic castles.

Those who dePICT what we see.

The Aldebaran Aryans ☤ Hyperborea
✠ Thule & Vril

J is silent in Phoenician. 

 Meru Jeru Sale-m.

Bownd by secrecy to the
 Queen and No.10.

We need to decipher the riddles like Batman.
Santa/Satan govearns at the north pole of our plane and in the Lap-land of luXury. 

 The 2015 film KRAMPUS or CRAMP US, a Christmas SANTA movie showing the hidden hand of SATAN over our kingDOME.  Right in our face, complete with devil horns on their sacred 13th letter M (for the Moon or 'Ophiuchus' or I$I$, or Israel, the money, moon eye) and serpent style S. The word KRAMpus has MARK and ARK in it too.  The bANKHers of Switzerland called les soeurs d'isis.  The Sisters of ISIS with
the M'ark of the Beast.  Our LUNA TICK m-aster or MARS Star. 

The o-BEL-isk.

The Swiss SS bANKHng Soeurs d'Isis or Sisters of ISIS means the MOON or moon eye. The Monarchs or MOONarchs means the MOON, with it's cRESCENT ARCH, ARC or Noah's/KNOWERS ARK. ANKHored here. They take their 'ORDERS' from the MOON ARCHONS. That's the Order of the Royal ARCH. The Order of the DRACO - anagram D'ARC O. The d'ARK Donnie D'arkos. A 'don' is a chief.  InFLUencing us with it's FLUoRESCENT, re sent light.

Netting the profits via the MOONthly prophetsThe moon controls time with it's 8, Nazi OCTOGON hypercube phases and time flies, just like Superman. 

'Time is money' and the Swiss or swizz make good 'watchers' and time PIECES.  Always neutral and calling for PEACE.

Here is The New York Herald circa 1921 showing flat earth under the Zionist
prophet VOLIVER or OLIVER:-
"Oliver's army is here to stay

Oliver's army are on their way

And I would rather be anywhere else

But here today".
  Swooping up the taxes as we ax ourselves daily on the MERRY-go-round as slaves to the JerUSAlem satonists.  MERRY X-mass!  Merry or Mary also mean the moon as does EVE.

 Slayves on Santa's sleigh ride. 

He/they must be having a feeled/field time on the plasma pharma, bankhing the electical charges. 

Noel or Know EL
Noel backwards is Leon/Lyon/Lion.

Turris Babel is Torus babble.

The light on top of the Christmas Tree is 5 star Sirius or Sothis, as it was called. 
 'So this' is Xmass! The DOG/GOD stars. Canis (dog) A and Canis (dog) B

 The Canaanites, the Sodomites, the ASS ASS ins.

  The Latin word for Canis is Canus.  The C-anus in it.  No accident there.

 Time to hang some baubels on a tree and babble on

Sirius, known as The Shining One, the Christos, crystel.

Two magnetic leads. +/- that look like devil horns and the rods of our eYes.

 Telling us the lie but showing us the truth at the same time subliminally like this ...

M-arc-O Pole O
M is silent in Phoenician and stands for the MOON.
Mint, like money.
Orion's BEL-✞

Q8 helix.

Crop circle June 2015 showing sun and moon orbit.


They show us - have we been asleep? 

Are we living under a planet-arian

The Saturn Eye Matrix mosaic at a subway station next to GROUND ZERO pictures below.  Depicting an eye broadcasting frequencies across the planet.

You're either in the Noah or you're not in the Knower

All going to Santa's 'elves'.

The Vril.


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