There is only one sanity... it's quite simple. Anything that pushes against that wants a form of in

There is only one sanity... it's quite simple. Anything that pushes against that wants a form of in

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

A MAZE IN flat earth and the WAY OUT at LAND'S END?!

Is there A MAZE IN flat earth
and a WAY OUT?

What happens when we die, PASS A WAY or PASS OVER as we say?


Which WAY do we ‘pass’, and OVER what?

Living under a St EVEN (flat) KingDOME?

๐ŸŽถ “Somewhere over the ‘reign’ ‘bow’ ๐ŸŒˆ WAY up high...

Are you in KNOWER’S ARK ๐ŸŒˆ in ‘a MAZE meant’

๐ŸŽถ...there’s a LAND that I've heard of once in a lullaby.” ๐ŸŽถ

Allegedly Hitler S caped Argentina way


There's 'MAIZE' surrounding the UN's flat earth logo

Have we been SPELL BOUND? 

Are there lands and realms beyond the SEA of 'spells' that we cannot SEE or HEAR here on EARTHAll the world's a stage, SHAKES SPEAR (a club) wrote, so perhaps there are EXITS that EXIST beyond this flat PLANE? Perhaps when we PASS OVER we get our 'WINGS' and a bird's eye view from the EARTH's gallery?


Very interesting indeed!

A   M A Z E   I N   P L A N  IT  EARTH

The Cestui Que Vie Act 1666, meaning 'LOST BEYOND THE SEE', was an act swept in by Parliament during the great fire of London. It means that every single person born with a birth certificate from thenceforth was considered dead on arrival... and the dead can't see. Could it be that there is a door or a PORT(e) out of flat earth as shown in the film The Tru(e)man Show? Perhaps there is a QUAY (a port), or KEY, that can take us into another dimension? A key is a note on a scale and this will become very important to 'note' as we continue because this whirled is made up of sound and vibration.

What is time but the recording method of AQUA SONAL super SONIC ELECTRO MAGNETIC DEN CITY and the perception of light and electro-atoms or IONS of EMITING FIELDS or FEELEDS.

So, do we have to be in the right/write gentleman's 'club' to know which quays open which LOCK or LOCH?

Is there an EXIT beyond the alleged ICE wall?

CAPE HORN, South America
Here's an interesting map.
Are there open clues to the way out?
Is this the North Pole with the Eye of Horus
 surrounded by an ICE ๐Ÿ”” RING?

I SEE, I SEE, ICY. Are we misreading and mishearing the CAPTAIN'S CAPTIONS and CAPSTONES ringing in our ears. Eye, eye  CAP'N bird's eye! CAP'N sounds like CAPPING and CAPTAIN sounds like KEPT IN. Maybe it's all in the CAPETIONS and maybe we have, quite literally, been kept CAPTIVATED in 'wonder' land. Wondering what on earth the sigils, symbols and capstones mean.


A swastika at the North POLE?! 

Horseshoe and labyrinth symbolism is everywhere, even at the U.N.

The horseshoe game (above) is a game where the player throws a horseshoe over a (north) POLE. They say all roads lead to ROME but Rome used to be called SATURNALIA, so wouldn't it make sense that perhaps we are actually living on SATURN, rather than it being the name of a ROAMING 'planet'? Saturn, also known as BEL ๐Ÿ””represents rules, restrictions, BOUNDARIES and DEAand earth is a place where everything eventually dies. It also represents ICE. Notably, the word PLANOS means a WANDERER and a deceiver. Welcome to 'WONDER' LAND!


The CROSS sign or FLAT  is the cut-out shape required to make a THREE dimensional CUBE. Even a child can work that out with a bit of FREE MASONIC O CULT hidden know-LEDGE because, as they say, everything is hidden in PLANE SITE. Everything on this plane is manifested via SONIC sound and when our CORN EARS and CORNEAS are working correctly we become a SEER, we can SEE and HEAR. Just as there is no EDGE to a RAINBOW, perhaps there is also no edge to the dome?

All roads lead to ROME but who wants to go to ROAM time after time?
Uncharted land here

It seems that we live on an INFINITE PLANE restricted and 'sealed in' by the SATURN-ALIEN ice 'RING' and there can only be one reason why the Navy 'SEALS', who SEE ALL, man the LEDGE or ice RING 24/7 and that is because there are exits there to the WAY OUT?! One of the KEYSTONE COPS fleet is called N.O.A. or NOAH, as in those in the KNOWERS' ARK, and they know all about the ARC/ARCH and ARCH-WAYS out. Noah knew where to find the ISLAND beyond the SEE. The crazy notion that humans thought they'd fall off the edge of the ocean on a flat plane is laughable. This ridiculous nonscience is deliberately perpetuated by the story tellers. Land IS LAND and any sane human knows that an IS-LAND is still on land regardless of its surrounding waters.

Remember everything here is upside down, twisted or inverted so the ANTARCTIC is possibly the ANARCHIC circle which can be defined as: lacking order, regularity, or definiteness. It has now been proven that planets are cymatic lights so SATURN is not a solid planet in the sky. How 'spaced out' are we, man?

It is more likely that SA-TURN is situated at the North Pole (see TIMES SQUARE here), turning the wheels of old FATHER TIME or KRONUS. The JEW-EL in the KRONUS CROWN as they say. There's even a Saturn cube situated in the UN building itself, not to mention all over the earth. We are indeed on the O CULT O'CLOCK but when we have the right KEY we can UN-LOCK the DOOR and enter into another room or dimension, possibly under an ARCH. They do A DORE their freemasonic ARCHES and ARC de TRIOMPHES, don't they? Initiate Freemasons are ordered to walk under them and swear oaths in order to join the RING. Everything is fractal on this PLANE and the ARCHED doorway has another more sinister meaning see here

The CROWN, the CLOWN, the MAGICIAN, the WIZARD of OZ, the ARCHON with the joker's CAP and CAPE. If you take the letters from the word ‘wizard’ and replace each one with the letter on the opposite end of the alphabet (A=Z, B=Y, C=X) you end up with 'draziw.’ Therefore, re-versing the alphabet spells 'wizard’ and the person with the CAP is CAPITAL as CAP backwards is the PAC MAN. It's a game of keeping us SPELL-BOUND whilst they CAP IT ALL. The CAPES is an anagram SPACE, as in gaps in the ice wall? "Because STRAIT is the GATE, and narrow is the way, which leads to life, and few there be that find it."

What about the conveniently uncharted lands of the South Pacific? CAPE HORN in CHILE, for example, is right next to the ice ring and interestingly, CAPE HORN is close to the one of the exits on the flat earth maps. It too is heavily guarded by the military and has several bases there. Why is that?

A CAPED crusader knows the CAPE

It's not as if anyone is likely to be passing that way or are they? Perhaps there are some BATMAN CAPED crusaders capable of giving it a go? Perhaps "dying for the cause" means leaving via the CAUSE-WAY passed the ARCH villans. There just so happens to be a BAT called the HORSESHOE too. 

Everything on this earth PLANE is fractal and PLANNED with meticulous synthesized symmetry. The microcosm is the macrocosm and man is a whole world of its own, called microcosm, for it displays a miniature pattern of all the parts of the universe.

Unless we know where the winged gates are to get off this PLANE✞ RIDE, we are quite possibly back ON for the round trip of the revolving door. ON is OZ with the flipped over. Can we get off ZION or IN OZ? I'll SERIOUS now... I 'kid' you not, yes we CAN SIRCANCER is the sign of side stepping CRAB which is BARC or BARK, like TOTO the DOG, in re-verse. We CAN disemBARK. "Yes we CAN!." When a and a are joined together we get the letter B.

Letter B, or Let it BE, was sung by The BEATLES.

Is the 13th sign of the zodiac A B road, a CROSSED ✞ or an X-IT, known only by the ARCH-BISHOPS of the ABBEY and the Ministry of Sound. The so called ARCH-ONS. Maybe OPH-IUCHUS, the 13th missing sign, is where the gates begin to open? In astronomy, the Great Rift (sometimes called the Dark Side, Dark Rift, or, less commonly, Dark River starts at the constellation of Cygnus, where it is known as the Cygnus Rift or the Great Rift and stretches to AQUILA (A KEY LA) onto OPHIUCHUS, where it broadens out to Sagittarius.

The Great Rift

It is shown as a period of time between Sagittarius, the ARCHER ♐, the SAGE (passage or pass sage), aiming his BOW in that direction, and SCORPIO. Noteably OCCULT DAY (occult meaning hidden) comes around during this 18 day period on the 18th day November. "A mysterious day outside (off) the REAL-of a normal natural world". is the 13th letter of the alphabet. What if OPH really means OFF? White, you're ON and black you're OFF

"To or not to B, that is the QUEST-ion" - SHAKESPEARE.

Does the symbol for CANCER represent 69, as we have been told, or could it actually represent 66, like FREE-WAY 66 in America passing through KANSAS? (There's a town called MAIZE in Kansas and the HQ of SIRIUS Computer Solutions). Upside down it's 99 and on a game of SNAKES and L'ADDERS one space more means we're off the BOA snake BOARD or BORDER. The clues are starting to come together with this QUEST-EYE-ON.


Is it summer/winter SOLSTICE or SOULS to ICE? On the other side of the earth the sun would be in the opposite sign of Capricorn, known as the GOAT, The GATE of the GODS and The GOLDEN GATE to the heavens. CAPRICORN literally means the GOAT'S HORN and name for the HORNED god is PAN. Is it GOAT or GO AT? Capricorn, the he-goat, and the feminine CAPELLA come from the Latin word CAPER, which means 'goat'. Capricorn and Cancer are the two C's, which alphabetically, are the number 33 and they are known as the TROPICS.

It also looks like a HORN. Is this the "horn of plenty", a cornucopia or PARA-DISE, meaning at or to one side of the Saturn CUBE or DICE ? Is it a HORN-ET'S nest that will give us a nasty NAZI STING if we go near? Maybe, maybe not. Now, have a look at the ROCK singer Sting's lyrics for his song called VALPARAISO which mentions CAPE HORN. A CAPE is a CLOAK and CLOAK also means to hide. Is this ES-CAPE 'cloaked' in secrecy? Valparaiso is in CHILE.

Over the sea
Home where my true love is waiting for me
Rope the south wind
Canvas the stars
Harness the moonlight
So she can safely go
Round the CAPE HORN to Valparaiso
RED the port light
Starboard the GREEN
How will she know of the devils I've seen
Cross in the sky star of the sea
Under the moonlight there she can safely go
Round the CAPE HORN to VAL-PARA-ISO...

VAL means to FALL (the act of falling), TRAP or snare. The Greek meaning of PARA is by or beyond and ISO means great or BIG. So, in other words it says BEYOND BIG TRAP

RED and GREEN are 'forbidden colours' that we cannot see simultaneously and SIRIUS is allegedly situated at 14 degrees in the sign of Cancer which matches the uncharted lands of the South Pacific seas. It appears we are playing ANTARCTIC tic tac toe. A game played on a square 3 grid and the number 33. It's a game of astro-NOUGHTS and Nazi CROSSES and cleverly shown by the OXO CUBEWink wink! Is this the secret of the 33 degree Freemason's chequered black and white binary board?

We could be shipwrecked and stuck on NOAH'S ARK or BOW. Unfortunately, for those who still believe we live on a ball, come their timely 'death' they won't know where to go. They will probably head to the light because that is what we have been programmed for centuries to do. "SATAN masquerades as an angel of light..." so it is written in the Bible. Heading upwards is likely to be a mistake too because the sky's the limit of the G8 (gate) summit. It is the 8th house in the ZODIAC which re-presents the house of death and transformation. When someone has 'passed ON' from OZ (flip the over and we get OZ and reversed it's ZO for ZODIAC) they become "the LATE", or L'8 someone. Unless you have the strength to take the LIE out of the LION'S lying back teeth.

The LIAR in the LAIR has the QUAYS to the door . Interestingly, rockets ascend and take a nosedive at approximately 80,000ft. Perhaps, nobody can get beyond the 'glass ceiling' or SEAL IN unless they are in a 'KEY' position to do so? To us, the average Joe, this G'OLDEN WEB life 'sentence' is a holey G'HOST of LI(n)ES and we are SPELL BOUND, literally and physically by phraseology, DOGMA and legalese DOG-LATIN (look that one up!). "Oh, what a tangled WEB we weave when first we practise to deceive." Aren't lawyers and doctors in "practise"?

Some are starting to REAL EYES, myself included, that this could be the TRICK in the MATRIX or MA-TRICKS. An organised religious TRAP that we fall into like 'fallen angels' we PASS OVER (source). Interestingly the DOG STAR appears in the sky as an sided octogon with a grid, shown here.


LA BYRINTH or LA B'NAI B'RITH aka BB protect the BIRTH rights of the Jewish 'Children of the Covenant' or ARK of the Covenant and sit close to the top of the pyramid. The 'SON god' RA/RAY is a moon and a sun God, known as AMUN RA. Gods are called DIAS for DAYS or DAZE and AM or MA is for MASONRYMARY, the MAGNETIC moon, is represented by the white HORSE. Could the Jewish moon PASS-OVERS possibly celebrate the harvest of our souls? PASS OVER commences on the 15th of the HE-BREW month of NISAN (almost like NAZI) and lasts for either SEVEN days and on the 8th day, do we RE-TURN? The moon has phases. Keeping knowledge secret in SS Secret Societies means we don't know what IS RAEL and what is not. The letters SS when written on top of one another also make the number 8. We have been worshipping the evil Temple of SET or SEPT, (also the TV SET) which means SEVEor the EVE of eight.

Like a circle in a circle, like a wheel within a wheel...

33 (12) 45 (33) 78.  

12 x 33 = 369 HZ (here) 

Play it again ShAM or Uncle SAM or SAMAS or SHAMASH, the ancient Babylonian PAN-THE-ON solar god who is depicted with wings. SAM is MAS re-versed, hence X-MAS. It's the SAME SAME SAME. It's like G-ROUND-HOG day! G8 is 78 alphabetically and those of us who study the occult or O CULT know only too well that the HE-BREWS were great jokers and trick-stars and HE who BREWS the story wins the game. In this case it's a game of tic tac toe, round I go and a LUNA-TIC'S loopy LOOP the LOOP. The number 8, of course, is the symbol of INFINITY when turned on its side 33 is also when drawn together. So when we die, are we are turned over again to begin 'doing time' like an old egg timer? InCARSer8d. Repeating life on this IN-FINITE plane via PRISM CELLS and the d'ARK side of the moon?  I know, it's 'trippy' man! 

This is a catch 22 reincarnation TRAP if we are deceived by their WEB of lies or caught by the DREAM CATCHER who, as we can see below, is fishing for SOUL. The fisherman's CATCH. A catch also opens doors. Is it ANGEL or ANGLER? If so, we can be caught and recycled back down-to-earth with a BUMP. A baby BUMP. Ready for another TRIP around the merry-go-round where we are SOLD and SOULED to the CROWN via our REGISTERED birth certificates of royal REGIS ownership (source). 

Are we CAPE ABLE or capable of S CAPE from the CHRIST/CRYSTAL MAZE show of this Christen DOME? Can we get beyond the sound BARRIER? Over and past the BARRIER reefs and onwards across the KEYS (chain of islands) toward CAPE STEWART, New Zealand, Australia way. STEWART means STEWARD.

With more knowledge of how things tick, we have a choice as to where we go and what to do when the soul de-parts from our 666 CARBON bodies. We can leave behind the CAR CASE or CARCASS and choose whether we want to REIN-CARN-8 or not. The 'lord's of KAR-MA' could be a trick.

20-20 vision = BB alphabetically. and BB is for BIG BROTHER.

We know energy does not die and trans-forms into something else, however, it could be harnessed and REINED in if we don't know better. We certainly don't want to be caught in PAN'S (the devil's) LABYRINTH at the North Pole largely because it is under the watchful eye of NATO and shaped like the swastika. Why would we go back into something we are trying to escape. Like a wind-mill on a WHIRLED WORLD. What goes around comes around and we are told, after all, that SANTA aka SATAN or SATURN lives at the north pole and is the one who gives us our PRESENTS. Presents for our PRESENT pre-sent perpetual geocentric never changing time. ARC is is an anagram of CAR

Funnily enough, the RAC in the UK is a vehicle breakdown service. It's an interesting placement of letters, don't you think?

The swastika is known as the SEVEN HERMITS in India and also referred to as the the SEVEN SISTERS aka the SS or ๅ. The scale of this is huge. Seven is code for SATURN, the DEVIL, or LIVED in re-verse and RE-PRESENTS present time and the seven day week, the seven colours of the light spectrum, the seven notes on the musical (SERPENT/PRESENTSCALE, the seven deadly sins and our seven chakras and death. This is why they circle the cube at Mecca seven times and worship the BA'AL and the baloney BALL EARTH theory. It's like a time WARP here. War and peace, divide and conquer again and again. There is nothing new under the sun and history repeats itself on this land of SEVEN.  Everything is SET. It goes round and around and up and down like a 33 rpm 45 rpm or 78 rpm warped record. TRIP TRAP, TRIP TRAP, TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK. TICK TOCK or TT is the number 20:20 in the alphabet and the sign of the double cross  and 22 are the letters BB for BIG BROTHER and BLACK BOX. Also, the CROSS KEYS of the Skull and Bones and the VATiCAN.


The '
Land of Plenty' could be just SOMEWHERE OVER THE 7 coloured RAIN/REIN RE-IN-BOW and ARK(TIC) circle, just as we were told in the The THREE Billy Goats' Gruff tale - over a 'BRIDGE', which has an ARCH, and onto pastures new which have higher OCTAVES of the MAJOR SCALE of music and light and scale also means climb. Up, up and away...


Onto CHANTS ENCOUNTERS of a different kind. Beyond the 12 overtones of time, sound and vision and the 12 O'CLOCK days/daze construct HEAR on EARTH. For we are deaf and PUPILS of time who live under a life SENTENCE of 'spells' (periods of time), cast by the 'WATCHERS' ⌚. More hereStranded, like DNA, on a desert EYE LAND disc surrounded by SEE. Si si, I SEEICY! Strangely enough, in astrology the 12th represents past lives, escape and worlds beyond our own.

Over the bridge we climb and 'pass on' passed KEY 13 to leave the past behind and reach KEY 14 - that of Sirius. Beyond the SCALES of JUST-ICE and the 'scaly' SERPENT which circles the earth and chases its own TALE, to higher 'climbs'. The DOG STAR is called CANIS MAJORIS, the MAYOR, the MAGI or magician and also known as the sun behind the sun. is where the treasure lies on the map and where 'X M-ARKS the spot'A KEY is also a MARK and AQUI in Spanish means HERE. More here.

The CROSSED 'KEYStied in a BOW and the KEY-S TONE

is the 8th letter in the alphabet and looks like TOWER BRIDGE.

Is this the Golden Gate B-RIDGE that we need PASS o✞ OVER"Take it to the bridge", is a musical term known as TRANSITIONS and was formally called a BRIDGE-PASSAGE. Originally it meant to take issue with the ship's 'captain' and as we 'SPRING' from jail we are re-leased like an uncoiled serpent. Now, let's take it to the RIFF, or RIFT.

It's all word play. A BOW is used to make sound. A BOW 'tie', it so happens, is also shaped like the infinity sign ⋈ and it's customary for CLOWNS to spin them around making this sign ๅ into a circle. It's called squaring the circle hereLife on this 3D PLAN IT is a unique experience of time and space. There's no place quite like it!

Here we can be creatures of creation and imagination. Living as goodly godly custodians of the earth. Making good use of our 20:20 vision, enjoying our 5 senses and taking care of the earth for the souls who want to return for another spin/speil/game on SATURN'S magic ROUND-ABOUT'S TURNTABLE because A BOUT is a PERIOD, or a FULL STOP and SPELL. One could say that we've been 'SENTENCED' here, 'doing time' for a 'period', and that's the GO-SPELGO SPELL 'truth'.

"All the worlds a stage..." as Shakespeare said and "you're ON!", so avoid the TRAP DOORS back to Shakespeare's G-LOBE THEATRE (below) and head for EXITS, have the 'time of your life' with all its colourful CAPERS and await your turn to fly A WAY and ES-CAPE via the CAPES. You've can now climb the RANKS of the BOA SNAKES and L'ADDERS BOARD. You've EARNED your WINGS! So, take a BOW on your curtain call and BOW out gracefully!

Once you go FLAT there's no turning back. It's PLANE and simple.

On our SWAN song we can SWAN OUT via the Great Rift toward CYGNUS, the constellation said to resemble a swan. Btw, the Great Rift is allegedly made of DUST, or ash and in mythology, the Oroborus (horseshoe) is a symbol representing the Milky Way galaxy. Myth refers to a serpent of light residing in the heavens, or the 'eaves, which is viewed at the galactic central point near SAGITTARIUS. Many ancients used the galaxy to calculate cosmic and earth cycles.

 Ashes to ashes, DUST to DUST...

What could this feel and sound like in musical terms? Listen to the crescENDo, or 'ascension', at approximately mins in this piece of music below... and, perhaps, it's OVER the RAINBOW ARCH and FAR A WAY...

Now, that really is FAR OUT... man! ๐ŸŒˆ
OVER(ture) and OUT!


*   *   *