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The GIANT SION/ZION TREES of old have been PLANED down on this PLANE(✞) and quarried.

In the beginning was the WORD and it was SOUND and in the days of NOAH, there were GIANTS. Gen(e)-ISIS

Daniel 4:10 Thus were the visions of mine head in my bed; I saw, and behold a tree in the midst of the earth, and the height thereof was great. 11 The tree grew, and was strong, and the height thereof reached unto heaven, and the sight thereof to the end of all the earth.

Once Upon a Time in the land of OZmosis where nothing ISRAEL there used to be magnificent giant silicon trees which held immense quartz intelligence all over the earth. The 'giants of old' with KNOLL-edge. This old world is now hidden in PLANE SITE, right under our KNOWS.

Holy Island, North England
They had the cutting edge knowledge and used their 'wood', as they say to make boats like NOAH in KNOWER'S 'ARK' 'archon' ARK CON. All the magnificent forest disappeared and were replaced with low trees and bushes. Now, all that remains are gigantic tree stumps and mined quarries eg, the 'Rock' of Gibraltar which resembles a giant quarried BASALT tree. Trees really are the "salt of the earth", you know.

The world ZIONISTS like the word BASAL - for instance the BA-SILICA, Rome and the Bank of International Settlements in BASAL, Swi$$erland which looks like a tree stump.

SILICA is for their 'silicone valleys' they've dug out and gutted for their MEMORIAL monoliths, columns, castles, MAN-$-ION-$ and cathedrals etc. 

SIO2 is the short form of silica and is very possibly SION with the 2 turned over as the letter N.

SION = IS OZ or ZION, IN OZ and represents the central Emerald GREEN City of OZ with its green North Pole lights. QUARTZ is the vital component in computer systems. QUARTZ holds MEMORY or RAMS, random access memory and time. The POPPY fields in the Wizard of OZZZ represent loss of memory or amnesia - putting us into a deep hypnotic sleep zzz during the DAYS/DAZE. Losing knowledge from our ANCESTREE. The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland (pic) follows the same HEXagonal, honeycombed cell pattern and interlocking BASALT columns as other ancient rock sites on earth.

Silica, SIO2, is a white or colourless CRYSTALINE (CHRIST-OS) COMPOUND found mainly as QUARTZ, sand, flint, and many other minerals. Silica is an important ingredient to manufacture a wide variety of materials. Our bodies need silica to function properly. No wonder this flat earth is called a PLANE(✞) or PLANT as in and energy plant. All the trees have been PLANED down. All the magnificent forests have gone (see video below) from the earth's magnetic grid. Trees purify the air we breath and the ION-OS-phere/fear.

SION at the center of flat earth is the biggest silicon tree at the North Pole called YGGDRASIL in old mythology and is marked as Mount Meru or E-DEN (ODEN) on old maps link. YGGDRASILl from Old Norse Yggdrasill or EGGdrasil, is an immense mythical tree that connects the NINE (number of the moon) worlds in Norse woODEN cosmology. DRASIL means SNAKE or DRAG-ON/OZ -  an aerodynamic effect known as WAVE DRAG and dragging time or as in electrical 'drag' or 'queens' and re-versed SPELLS LISARD for LIZARD.

It puts a new slant on oursELVES and a new meaning to SANTA'S/SATAN'S/SATURN'S (tree) 'rings' and 'grotto' at the mountain or pole they call The TOR or The Rock of TARA. The words TORA, TORAH, TORUS (as in fields/feeleds), TAU, TORSO, TAURUS (the bull god RAM), THOR and TAROT are derivatives of this. Noah, we are told, landed on Mount ARARAT in ancient Armenia, originally known as Eden and now Turkey. Is it the Tree of LIFE/LEAF. The KABBALISTS' SACRED YEW/JEW/YOU/EWE (baa!) is known as the TAX-US BAccata and DEVA DARUS, the latter a term meaning spiritual significance and is classified as a PINE TREE. This DIVA 'god' tree is the tree the parasite elite cults feed off. It is an androgynous tree that can change sex over time like the 5,000 year old Fortingal Yew in Scotland (link). Let us not forget EDIN-BOROUGH/BERG/BOUGH Castle allegedly built on 'volcanic' rock. It is believed these trees were the guardians of wisdom and the record keepers of earth's history. History also translates as high story. The MEDIA-EVIL 'underworld' bloodlines have contrived mysterious 'MYTHICAL' PHAROAH FAIRY stories written on PAPER to keep us in a dream. They hide behind different religions and names ie, changing their name from SAXE COBURG GOTHA to WINDSOR when it suits. They are the warriors from the Roman Cult of MITHRAS and SATURNALIA (the old name for Rome) who rape, pillage and put borders on CUNTREES. This documentary is truly a pole shifting apocalypse moment and great work.

The ELite (EL and BA for BAsilica are yet more names for SATAN; the devil has a thousand names) Zionist Heads of STate meet every year during the summer solstice at Bohemian Grove, their Secret Society 'summer KAMPf' COMPOUND, to perform PER-VERSE SATANIC ritual human sacrifices (link) because they are the ϟϟ-KULL and BONE druids and re-VOLTING pirates of old. Bones, burial mounds and catacombs are memory VAULTS/VOLTS ϟϟ which memorise and 'LOG' HISTREE. These trees are resonating only at ROOT level. They can only release bass/base tones volt-age now may be? The word for BONE in French is OS or OZ. The venue is set in 2,700 acres of ground in REDWOOD PINE Forest, CalifornIA (CIA). A forest of powerful tall conifer trees capable of reaching the upper OZ-ONE layers and higher sound frequencies. Sound manifests everything on this plane and sound is called TIMBRE or TIMBER.

The one below looks like it's been carved out from a silicon granite tree stump. 

This is a carving of Moloch, the all seeing OWL of knOWLedge or KNOLL hedge, whom sacrifices are made to. H is always silent. This is where the term 'hedge FUNds' originates. Hedge funds the BUSH family inherited. Everything comes from the FUNDA. Great thorny hedges were grown in rows and used to control and quartermaster India not so long ago, so FUNDA-MENTALLY they knew about trees. Now think of all the stone needed to builTd the WALL (S-tree-T) of China too! SANTA (Spanish) or SAINT is abbreviated as $T. The whole whirled's a ST-age.
China was once called CHI-'NOISE'. ST.ONE and crystal reSONAte with the moon AMPLIFIER so it is important to the druids to perform rituals at K-NIGHT during the moon's highly magnetic sonar phases - thus, spreading and COMPOUNDING (£) the rotten GROTTY/GROTTO vibrations which then snake their way across the PLANES, MESAS and PLATEAUS or PLATE AUS/OZ.

These are Knights of the Round TABLE, which means MESA, are the 'ELDERS' of ZION. The two triangles represent the 'as above so below' philosophy as shown in the UK 'BRANCH' below. Branches are naturally shaped like pitch forks and they resonate.

This is the double edged SWORD or the double helix SS S-WORD and S-TONE for those who speak with forked TONGUE/TONG. The S✞atue PLANTED in the 'rock' of Rio de JaNEIRO (NERO), BrAZIL is of 'CHRIST the REDEEMER'. What exactly is 'he' redeeming or re-deeming at this SPIRAL spiRITUAL event?

Arenas and ϟ-PORT-ϟ 'PITCHES' are needed to harness the required frequency PITCH. Nice tuning ROD or 'PITCH' fork! These flat mesa stumps and root systems are on key ley-lines. A key is also a quay, which means a MAGNETIC PORT/PORTE, DOOR or PORTAL.

Make them ROARRRRR for the UNION of JACKS of ISRAEL with 'PRIDE' for king and fake countries. "Be a good egg". Remember JACK and the green twisted Beanstalk, the boy who met a giant ogre? It's called JACOBS (tree) LADDER. l'ADDER as in THE SNAKE with 'scales', relating to the 12 major scales of sound.

In fact BELLOW! Ring Ring! BEL LOW. BEL is another name for $ATAN.

Hebrews 12:22: "MOUNT ZION, the city of the living GOD, the heavenly Jerusalem." The old map above shows the energy going to the giant mounts of Palestine, Jerusalem at the POLEThey may be able to conduct ELectrical lightning BOLTϟϟ and mess-ages via their underground magnetic ROOTER/ROUTER CABLE, CABAL KABBALAH, moon (EVE), HAMMER, CLUB, SWORD or GROUNDING (NIM)ROD and masonry system. A massive network of 12,000 year old underground tunnels have been discovered that stretch from Scotland to Turkey link. The Baphomet is androgynous like the mighty YEW tree.

KNOWER'S House of HAM is the house of 'ham' actors and liars who gave us HOLLYWOOD, PINEWOOD and ELSTREE Studios. They need lots of clapping and ~waving~ of flags and FIREWORKS in Rio. Lots of CHI energy. Do the ~wave~! Lots of 'CLAPS' of th'UNDER BOLT energy. The ROWDY CROWD must VENT at these EVENTS or E(energy) VENTS with as much vigour as possible because the human body generates more bio-ELECTRICITY than a 120-VOLT battery and over 25,000 BTU's of body heat. Get WOUND up and make lots of CURRENT-$EA for the WINDSORS or WIND's ORES. BLOW off some STEAM and E-MOTION.

Silicon is the most superb CONDUCTOR (sound) of ELectricity known to man. Summer solstice occurs in the sign/sine ~wave~ of Cancer, the moon sign. The moon is called ISIS and the Secret Society controlled CIA run I$I$ (see the crescent moon in above picture).

DOGS or GODS re-versed 'B-ARK' (tree bark) at the full moon. In the LUCIFERIAN, LUCI (moon) FER/FIR (tree) ARYAN folk lore the forest is where the 'GREEN MAN(SION)' resides and the FOR/FIR/FUR REST is where the ELite perform heinous sex and violence rituals (and worse) in the d'ARK. Stabbing repeated cyclical dents of DOGMA into the EARTH'S HEART which we pick up on a subconscious and collective level at the our very COEUR or CORE of our being. We are, after all, each a reflection of the whole. ST CHRISTO FER is another example.

ION can be said EYE ON. ON for OZ. It is said that 432 Hz vibrates with the earth's golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter,  magnetism with biology, the DNA code, and consciousness. Trees vibrate at 432 Hz. When our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiraling double helix pattern of nature, our sense of connection to nature is said to be magnified. The number 432 is also reflected in ratios of the sun, Earth, and moon, as well as the precession of the equinoxes, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, STONEhenge (PHI shaped stones), and the SRI YANTRA looking tree below, among many other SACRED sites. Yet we are now tuned into 440 HZ/HURTS/HEARTS instead.

The ELFS (extremely low frequencies) work for SATAN. You see, SATURN rules the EAR DRUMS and the ROOT chakra and therefore SOUND and vibration. So, it is in control of the LUMBAR region - hence 'LUMBERJACKS' who wear Scottish tartan lumber shirts. The frequency can be good or it can be bad, depending on who holds the key NOTE$ and who's in "CHARGE". Tax free church 'havens/heavens' have been placed on the earth's key meridian points. Its silicon 'PETRIFIED' rock rings its bells for SANTA. Is the sound of bells ringing really necessary or natural to this earth? Interestingly, the word forest, although commonly thought to be derived from the English word 'forest', which is a "large woody area," is actually the re-verse.

Firstly, it was a name, 'FORREST', with an ancient Greek translation of "LARGE PENIS." When looking for a name for a "large woody area," the English adapted what they already knew had "large wood," to the slightly altered spelling, 'FOREST.' DING DONG! All the 'secrets' of earth's secretions have been stolen and kept hidden by the Houses and MAISONS of the FREE Ma-SONIC MASON-ry ROCKE-'FELLER' Knights Templar fellowships. The 'fallen' ones know how things resonate or RESINATE.

H'ARK! OZ/OSiris' missing penis is at the North 'POLE' with SIRIUS the DOG/GOD star at the top. The brightest QUARTZ diamond in the sky, known by the ancients as the sun behind the sun. Seriously ... perhaps it's not the one in the sky they tell us is named Sirius? Perhaps that star only reflects BLUE and RED light from a main source - GOD? It's been proven that the so called outer planets are cymatic lights, not solid, and more akin to lights dangling from a gigantic Christmas Tree; the Yule log representing a tree stump.

This dodgy, doggy style CANINE K-NINE star is worshiped by the 'brotherhood' and, as we all know, it sits in the centre between the sun and moon COLUMNARS. At the top of JACOB'S pyramid tree L'ADDER is SIRIUS, sometimes shown on an O-BEL-isk akin to those positioned on this earth, ie 'CLEO' (key) PATRA'S/PETRI-fied NEEDLE has a pyramid on top.

Sun, Sirius & Moon
These needles are like an acupuncture point on this earth. Ouch! The Christmas FIR tree or the FIR-MA-MENT, for example, has the SIRIUS STAR sitting at the very top and there is a PINE cone sculpture outside the VAT-can in Rome. Wink wink! A giant one. Also, check out the incredible works of stone masonry cut into the gigantic rocks of ancient PETRA (here).

Our SS-PINE and PINE-AL are possibly now disconnected from higher frequencies.The biggest out of place stupendous PETRIFIED trees of the BLACK (NERO) Hills, South Dakota below (link).

SALT Lake City territory and Mount RUSH-MORERUSH is also RUSS/ROSS/RUSE/ROSE and ROTH for Rothschild and is an anagram of THOR. The Rosicrucians, Roosevelt and JeRUSAlem, for example. Jesus, the CARPENTER ROSE on day ThREE. ROSS means RED for magnetic REDMORE is an anagram of ROME. All roads lead to Rome, as does the magnetic North Pole on the compass. Take note that the Round Table logo has a RED ROSE in the centre (above pics).

The TAXUS table top mountain in UPton County,TEXAS.
Table Top Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa looks like an enormous tree stump.
Let us not forget the SACRED site of the big tree stump called Ayers Rock in OZ or AUStralia in 'The BUSH'.
Vinson Massif (massive) the tallest 'mountain' or berg in AntARCticalooks like a tree stump.
In BABYLON or BABBLE ON The TOWER of B-ABEL or BA-BULL/BELL looks like a tree stump.
Hmm ... very similar to this rock in Tianmen, China.
It gets better ...
The HOUSE of DAN or DNA.
The clues are everywhere!
The P-SALTER map is very interesting.
P is for POLE or PILLAR. On closer inspection we see that the word Jerusalem is written as MERU-SALEM and looks like the BULL$EYE shot. Jerusalem is an anagram of JESU(S) REALM. PALM EYE-LAND, Dubai (below) resembles a PINE-APPLE. PsALMS 1:3 - He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.we sing. 

It's like TREE$-URE ISLAND where HEX marks the spot. HEXE in German means WITCH or SALEM for the GreenWICH 'mean' time we are under from Scotland. Remember the Jerusalem HYMN/HIM - "And was Jerusalem builded here on England's d'ark SATANIC mills" by William Blake? Blake's JEWS/YEWS co-inhere with 'BULL headed' BELLICOSE British druids (source). This is where we get the term MILL-ION-HEIRS.Originally Jerusalem was called ARIEL and AERIALS are tree shaped with a V (bull) HORN antenna.

Who knows, it may even be a MARI-JUANA hASH tree with an intoxicating A-ROMA that makes us 'high' like the 'high' priests. This cult brought to us by the CULT of URE or CULT-URE. Alas, now only a 'weed'. This extremely fast growing PLANT contains silica and it's bark is almost impossible to break. The House of HAM could be the House of HEM(P), as in The Hamptons, HEM-EL HEMPSTEAD, Hampton Court, Hampstead Heath and BUCK-IN-HAM Palace. Said with an upper class British accent HAMP becomes HEMP. This herb, sometimes called GREEN, is big BUCKS for the ELite on the black market after they made it illegal for STONERS to use. It is also called CANNABIS, as in CANNA for DOG and I-BIS for their EGGyptian 'GOD' THOTH/THOUGHT. Thoth or Hermes are names for Satan according to the writings of RUSSIAN occultist Madame Blavatski. In the ancient world Hemp was the Tree of Life (source). Did you know we have cannabis receptors in our DNA (source) and our bodies manufacture THC, the main biological component, and cures CANCER and may other ailments?

Fingal's Cave, called STAFFA in Scotland is like the royal STAFF RODS with JEW-ELS (killer JOULES) on the top - the "Jewel in the Crown" and CROWN means C-ROWAN or KRONUS or SATURN. A-MAZINGLY, there is a similar basalt columnar in TURKEY or TOR KEY. C is C-ODE for the New C-rescent ARC/ARK of the moon - a time when druids, also known as the Tree People make SPELLS in the d'ARK. Hence MONARCHS or MOON ARCS and ARCHBI$HOP$.

With so many MAZES and labyrinth depictions on earth, one has to wonder, were we supposed to make our pilgrimage to the NORTH POLE, anagram EL TOP HORN to find 'GOD'?

The alleged STONE(D) AGE era, when we supposedly lived in 'caves', takes on a whole other meaning. Maybe it wasn't as bad as we've been told? Maybe it was better? Maybe the cave EN-TRANCES led us to other EN-CHANTING realms? It's time to look at the world with fresh eyes.

What a SILLY CON leaving us 'stumped' for answers. I know, bad pun
Yabba dabba-doo! MISS TREE solved!

The CURRENT(C) SPELL of amnesia is lifting. "Funny how your memory leaves you right after you're born. It can take decades sometimes for people to even remember who they are or why they're here", quote from The Last Avatar with the lead character named JACK ORION for the ORION 'CLUB', because the alleged ORE-ION TSAR/STAR system, situated in TAUR-US, holds a wooden CLUB. Oh, and the film (trailer here) features big trees, stone and the brightest CRYSTAL CUT DIAMOND which, as we know, reflects all the 7 colours of the rain/reignBOUGH. The Queen Mother was from the BOWES-LYONS BOUGHEMIAN bloodline and spent much of her time at EDEN or EDINBERG/BOROUGH Castle which is allegedly built on volcanic rock.

These are the jokes folks!


is merely the beginning of a new paradigm.

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