There is only one sanity... it's quite simple. Anything that pushes against that wants a form of in

There is only one sanity... it's quite simple. Anything that pushes against that wants a form of in

Friday, 28 April 2017

Are we BLINDED by the BRIGHT hospital LIGHTS at birth?


All creators, or creatures, give birth in the DARK, under NATURAL SOLAR LIGHT - except humans. When we CROWN at birth we are all born to be kings and queens of the jungle, but in the kingdumb of the blind the proverbial one-eyed man is king because everything on this plane relies on light perception.

"When a baby is born the incandescent light located on most birth tables does extensive damage to the child’s retina. This begins the process of stopping the child from naturally seeing other dimensions thus other life forms. Full spectrum lights are the only lights found not to cause damage to the eyes.

If the child remains able to see other dimensions when it gets older it can easily see that this world is an Illusion. They can see all the different Entities that inhabit the world on a different vibration, children often call them "special friends". Of course the agenda is to take this ability away from the child. Next they begin the shots which lower the child’s vibration dramatically through the injection of viruses that are foreign to the system. All vaccines contain the actual virus it is designed to prevent in lower dosages in order to so-called "develop" your systems immunity to it.

It also means the virus is now in your body at low levels and that can’t be good for the natural system especially as a child. Not to mention the Doctors hands all over the babies head during the time the "soft spot" is still fresh. Many doctors are stressed and have been delivering several babies in one day. Some even smoke cigarettes between deliveries and when they touch the child’s soft spot all of that energy is transferred to the child. The delivery procedure has now reached a state of barbarism with the advent of the caesarian section. The child no longer experiences even coming through the mother’s birth canal which is a very sacred time for a baby which prepares them for entry into this world. Instead the baby is cut out by men in masks.

Did you know that the birth canal actually contains the baby's first inoculation of good bacteria? It is meant to pick up on and be slathered with the bacteria, swallowing it to start gut health biome. Snorting it to start colonies in nose and then ears. Caesarean birth does not allow this. Parents and midwives in the know actually massage this coating into the baby's skin to give its immune system a great start in programming itself."


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